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The inline printer-inserter BondStreet made by Grützmacher System provides a smooth transition between printer and inserter. Due to its continuous system, a complete inserted letter arises from a simple file – just by one click.

The Grützmacher BondStreet is most suitable for invoices, for advertising letters or business mails. Besides, the BondStree tis easily movable thanks to its wheels.

Take a closer look at the Grützmacher BondStreet on our YouTube channel!

Important Characteristics*:

  • Ideal for small production volumes up to C5
  • From a text document to a letter – one click
  • Closed system saves time
  • Up to 4.000 item per hour (depends on printer)
  • Up to 4 insert stations

* The right to make technical modifications and changes is reserved. Performance figures may vary according to configuration and setup.

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