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Download: SamPa Brochure


The tray system SamPa by Grützmacher provides a fully automated filling of post boxes. SamPa facilitates the smooth transport and insertion of boxes for further transport. The post boxes’s labels are printed and inserted fully automated aswell.

Multi Collator 8000

Download: Multi Collator 8000 Brochure


The Multi Collator 8000 is a collator which is equipped with up to fifteen insert stations (optionally more stations). Insertion occurs across the transport line, select one of several insertion systems. The collected stack of paper either can be enveloped automatically, shrink-wrapped or e.g. be put down on a band.

Challenge ZT

Download: Challenge ZT Brochure


The Challenge ZT is a collator which carries inserts with transport chains. Several insertion systems are realizable. Inserts get collected and subsequently inserted into envelopes, brochures or newspapers. The finished product is transported to other systems, e.g. a band or a film wrapping machine.

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