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Download: Autoloader brochure


The Autoloader ensures a high single sheet feed with a system capacity up to 3.000 sheets. A4 sheets can be fed vertically and horizontally. The Grützmacher Autoloader guarantees an optimal paper feed which gets a distortion-free sheet transport.


Belt-Feeder in Tower

Download: Belt-Feeder in Tower brochure


The Belt-Feeder completed the tower as a reliable feeder of Grützmacher System. Thanks to its bottom feed, paper re-filling is facilitated. Because of that paper feeding occurs from A to Z, which causes a higher level of flexibility – namely during the inser-ting process. Up to two belt-feeders fit into one tower.


Belt Feeder

Download: Belt-Feeder brochure


The Belt-Feeder is an essential Grützmacher insert station. It enables the withdrawal of inserts at the bottom and their separation. Straps and rolls transport the inserts. Even open edges are processed easily by the Belt-Feeder.


Hand Feeder

Download: Hand Feeder brochure


For enabling manual feeding, the Grützmacher hand feeder is equipped with a light grid. By monitoring the insert stations the light grid gives a stop signal to the machine when products are laid in manually. As soon as the hand is taken out, the machine continues the working process.


In-Line Folding Machine

Download: In-Line Folding Machine brochure


The Grützmacher In-Line Folding machine can be installed in various places of the envelope inserting system. The machine folds collected sheets up to A4 once or twice. Single sheets coming from other stations are folded collectively.


Vacuum Rotary Feeder

Download: Vacuum Rotary Feeder


The vacuum rotary feeder is the most often applied feeder type in the paper processing industry. The feeder sucks products like inserts in for separating them by using metallic points. The transport of flat products happens using grabbers and belts.


Rotary Folding Feeder

Download: Brochure Rotary Folding Feeder


The rotary folding feeder sucks A4 single sheets in using vacuum and separates them with metallic points. A grabber takes the single sheets and conveys them carefully into folder bags by means of a rotary folding feeder.


Envelope Station

Download: Brochure Envelope Station


The envelope station differentiates itself from comparable systems because of its careful handling of envelopes, no disturbance source or unnecessary turn-over actions. The appeal of the envelope station lies in its great accessibility during adjustments and in its adjustable guides for processing different formats.

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