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The Grützmacher manufacturing of special machines is varied. For special types of paper or folding and for unusual inserts (e.g. pens) Grützmacher designs the perfect matching envelope inserting system.

Beyond that Grützmacher manufactures other special machines.

Model of Longwall Face (Mining)
A very special highlight of Grützmacher’s special machine manufacturing is a model of a longwall face. It represents a model of a mining machine at the ratio of one to ten. The original machine is used to stabilize longwall faces and its protection against dropping stones. Longwall faces are extraction spaces in underground mining. The model is appropriate to the original equipped with a shield, a shell and an authentic control. The assigning company uses the Grützmacher’s model for visualization of their machines at fairs.



Model of longwall face
Strebmodell - Nahaufnahme

close up: Model of longwall face
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